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The importance of conducting a pest inspection before purchasing a property

The importance of conducting a pest inspection before purchasing a property

One of the biggest financial investments in life is to buy a house for yourself. Purchasing one is nothing less than one of the biggest decisions you make in your life. Any potential home buyer always has check list of their various requirements and important features that they look for in a home.

One of the most important procedures before buying a home is the pest inspection. It is always good to make sure the house that seems to be your dream home is not going to be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

To ensure you are making the right decision before purchasing a home, a pre-purchase inspection is essential. It will also help provide you with having the upper hand in negotiating with the seller.

A pre-purchase pest inspection aids you in finding out if the property you are about to purchase has a pest problem even though it might not seem like it at first.

Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Purchase Building Pest Inspection

As the name suggests a pre-purchase building pest inspection is an inspection to check on the risk/status of a pest problem in the property you intend to purchase.

In most scenarios a building inspection is conducted that provides a potential home buyer with a building inspection report before investing in the property. This helps them know the status of the building as per noticeable visual damage caused by pests. The report will not include if there are pests present in the property that can cause severe damage.

A pest inspection on the other hand helps identify if there is an existence of pests in the property before the purchase. A pre-purchase pest inspection helps you avoid the extra expense of potential damage caused by pests after the purchase of the property and having to pay for pest control. It also provides the benefit of negotiating on the price with the seller giving you an upper hand in the deal with the reports.

Importance of a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Here are 3 major reasons you should consider getting a pre-purchase building pest inspection done before you invest your finances into the property.

  1. It helps you know the pest problems or status of the property beforehand.
  2. The report can be useful to help you negotiate for a lower price for the property with the seller as you may have to get some repairs or pest control done after purchasing the property.
  3. You can seek professional help beforehand to inquire about the seriousness of the pest problem and the adverse effects of the same in the near future in case you purchase the property.
  4. A professional can also provide you with an approximate amount that you will need to invest to resolve the pest problem so you know exactly how much money you are investing on a whole.
  5. It helps avoid future regret that comes from purchasing a property without researching well enough to notice more than just visual damage.

Benefits of Conducting a Pre-Purchase Building Pest Inspection

  1. Awareness

Ignorance is not always bliss and it is important not to hasten an important decision of investing in a house. Just visiting the house will not help you ensure there is no critical damage in the house you are going to purchase.

Having a professional inspect the house for pests and pest problems is a wise decision before investing your hard earned wages into a house. It is good to be well informed about every detail of the property especially the status of pests before you proceed with purchasing it.

  1. Value assessment

Pre-purchase pest inspection plays an important role in assessing the true value of the property you intend to purchase. It helps you judge if you are being provided with the best deal for your money considering the status of the property.

Pest problem are not always resolved easily and can take a big bite out of your wallet. It is good to ensure that the property you are purchasing will not be resulting in a hole in your pocket even after the purchase.

If the property seems overpriced as compared to its pest inspection reports, negotiation of price with the seller is easier based on the reports.

  1. Unseen flaws

Only a professional/expert can easily help identify the unseen flaws of a property before purchasing it, as there is always more than meets the eye.

A pre-purchase building pest inspection can help locate these unseen flaws and bring them to the knowledge of potential buyers to provide them with the information required to know the true depth of the matter and how the pest problems can be resolved.

  1. Knowledge of the overall investment

A pre-purchase building pest inspection can help you negotiate with the seller if there are existent pest problems that make the deal seem overpriced.

Considering the fact that you will need to also invest in resolving the pest problems, it might help the seller provide you with a more reasonable and budget friendly price for the property you intend to buy.

  1. Aid in Negotiations

Pre-purchase pest inspection reports help to equip you with the knowledge of the true value of the property you are buying. They can aid in price negotiations will the seller to help you acquire a better deal.

  1. Safety of your loved ones

The safety of your loved ones is what matters most overall. In order to make sure you are purchasing a property that does not have any unseen structural damage due to pest infestations it is good to conduct a pre-purchase pest inspection.

A few reports might even help you change your mind about the property instead of regretting it in the near future after the purchase. This is good as not every potential home buyer might chose to repair the damage and buy the home some might prefer not to purchase a place with any possible pest problem at all.

  1. Confidence in your decision

Many a times, one might still be unsure about the investment in a house. A pre-purchase pest inspection helps you remain assured that you have made the right decision for you and your family.

Professional Requirement

One needs to make sure they are choosing the right person for the job of inspection of their property. Only a professional with the expertise of pest problems can help you know the true pest status of the property as only they will know what to look out for in a property.

It is always better to be sure of the judgement by hiring a professional instead of trying to conduct the inspection yourself when you lack the skills of a professional.

A professional can also help you with resolutions and the estimate cost on resolving the pest issue or guide you on whether the property is worth your money or not. He will also need to ensure that the report is formatted and the content is drafted in compliance with Australian standards.

What are the things to consider before hiring a pre-purchase inspector?

Make sure that the person you choose has adequate insurance cover so that in case of any accidental occurrences you are not burdened with the extra cost of their medical expense.

The said inspection professional having an insurance cover also reflects as one who is aware of the duties and hazards of his job. Do a check on his or her professional background so that you have some concrete points to back their credibility and expertise.

Pre-purchase building pest inspection can never go wrong or leave you with regret. It is a key procedure to go through before purchasing the property to ensure complete satisfaction of the investment of your money.

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