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Our Values

Our Values

Naked Edge Real Estate Values


We believe in Family, Spirit, Training and Business.


To be the standout real estate company of choice for agents and their clients.


To be transparent in all that we do, so we not only create lifelong clients but lifelong relationships.

To continually ask “would our customers recommend us?”

And our #1 goal is to get a YES.

How Can We Best Serve You Today?

We are here to serve our clients and the communities we live in and work in. If we get this right, everything else follows.

Company values

1 – It’s All About You And Not Just Talk

Naked Edge has been designed for us all to be transparent with each other. We believe that without satisfied clients we are nobody and that our clients are our sole reason for being in business. Our agents and representatives embody all that is good about people in the real estate industry and realise that there are three ways of doing real estate to ensure our client’s needs are exceeded:

  • Win-win-win (win meaning that it has to be a win for our customers, a win for the agent and a win for the business or no deal)
  • The right way
  • The fun way

We are a company of action not just talk and to prove this and to be transparent we have created our world famous service guarantee and your best price guarantee. These have been designed so that we don’t only talk about how good we are, we show it.

2 – Deliver Exceptional Results

At Naked Edge, we believe in delivering an exceptional and incomparable results. It’s all about delivering the truth. 

  • We won’t tell you what you want to hear just because that is the easy way out in real estate. 
  • We tell you what you need to hear. 
  • We aim to be completely open and honest and to show that there is a better way of doing real estate. 
  • We aim to get clients the best possible result for the sale of their home – if a result is unachievable, we will say so. 
  • We understand that the perception of real estate agents is over promising and under delivering. 
  • We would rather walk away then work on unrealistic terms that ultimately only end up leaving the client or us dissatisfied. 
  • Our number one goal is to create lifelong clients and we create lifelong clients through delivering genuine and exceptional results.

3 – Dare To Be Different In Life

At Naked Edge, we think differently. It’s how we stay ahead of the pack. Our sole purpose is to prove that genuine experiences create lifelong clients by maintaining great relationships. We know that there is no quick buck in real estate and believe that if our agents and representatives nurture their clients and are 100% committed then they will be rewarded for many years to come.

Much like the trusted family doctor, we continually aim to be the family real estate agent. We do all we can to gain the trust and respect of our clients. We aren’t satisfied with the status quo or providing the status quo. We know that we need to treat everyone else the same way we would want to be treated and no other way. We believe that being truthful is the only way to be without exception. To lie or mislead is to be foolish. At Naked Edge we broke the mould and created a new standard.

4 – Communication and Being Real Is The Key

We believe in continually improving our communication channels. It is vitally important to keep clients and employees up to date with any feedback and issues. Conflicts often arise because of miscommunication and people presuming without asking. We strive to eliminate this. 

We don’t allow our agents to hide behind us as we all need to be accountable to best serve our clients. At Naked Edge, we believe accountability and communication goes hand in hand.  

5 – Enthusiasm to Exceed

We strongly value enthusiasm, passion and determination. It is these traits that drive us to get out of bed in the morning and to face the day. It is what drives us to excel for our clients, for our families and for ourselves. 

We don’t believe in taking no for an answer nor do we like hearing that something will never work or can’t be done. If we believe in it enough and we have the enthusiasm, passion and determination to succeed, then anything is possible. 

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