Select Date Sale®

Select Date Sale®

What is Select Date Sale®?

Select Date Sale® is an exciting sale method that combines the best aspects of an Auction, Private Sale, and ‘Sale by Tender’ to get your home the best possible price the market is prepared to pay. It creates the same sense of urgency and competition in buyers as an auction does, but unlike an auction, there is no public bidding process, and the contract can be conditional.

What are the benefits of a Select Date Sale® for sellers?

In a competitive market, a Select Date Sale® can give you:

  • A better sale price
  • Multiple offers to choose from
  • Increased buyer competition and interest
  • A faster sale time
  • A less stressful sale

The Select Date Sale® method means that all the pressure to come up with the best price is placed on the buyers, not the sellers.


What are the benefits of Select Date Sale® for buyers?

The Select Date Sale® method has advantages for buyers, too. Including:

  • Anonymity of offers – other buyers do not know how much you are offering
  • Your dream home won’t sell without warning – all registered buyers are notified once the home has gone under offer, then you have 24 hours to submit your best offer and beat it
  • ONE round of offers only – if your offer is chosen, you can’t be outbid!
  • Higher purchase satisfaction – pay what you feel the true market value of the home is

How does a Select Date Sale® work?

When a property is first listed for Select Date Sale® it is advertised with a strong marketing campaign to attract the maximum number of buyers, and the property is initially listed without a sale price. This is a tried and tested technique used in ‘Sale by Tender’ real estate campaigns, and we have found it to increase the number of enquiries from genuine buyers – in a big way.

Without the influence of a sale price, buyers can focus all their attention and emotion on one important question – do they love your home, or not? If they do, they will feel hopeful that it is in their price range and send through an enquiry to us. The more genuine interest your home receives like this, the better the Select Date Sale® method will work for you.

Then, just like a normal Private Sale, all buyers that are interested in the property are encouraged to submit their best offer. Once an offer is received that is in a range that you (the seller) are prepared to consider, all the buyers who had pre-registered their interest in your property are contacted again and given 24 hours to submit their best offer, in an attempt to secure your property…  Buyers will not know how much your home is currently ‘under offer’ for, or the details of other competing offers, nor do they know your reserve price. All they know is this is their last chance to purchase your property, so they will need to submit their very best offer to secure it.

This is the beauty of a Select Date Sale®. The buyer focus is on how much they feel the property is worth, and how much they are prepared to pay for it. Not how much someone else is prepared to pay, or the ‘price range’ they need to beat. 

The difference in offers can be staggering.  

And you might find the highest offer you receive may not be the one you end up accepting. A competing offer may have a shorter settlement period, or be a cash offer, which could appeal more to your situation. It’s entirely your choice!

Select Date Sale® delivers a less stressful sale in a shorter period of time, and will get your home the best possible price that the market is prepared to pay.

Ready to maximise your sale price with a Select Date Sale®? 

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