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Why join the Naked Edge Team?

It’s a great question and it’s best answered by explaining who we think best fits with the Naked Edge Real Estate model and company ethos and by outlining which type of agents achieve the greatest long term success as part of our team.

Quite simply, Naked Edge Real Estate is for agents who are looking for something different within their real estate careers.

Perhaps you’re seeking:

  • Outstanding sales results and long term success
  • A greater sense of purpose and direction in your work
  • Being able to be part of a successful, cohesive team
  • A marketing, sales and service support package which is easy to use and, most importantly, it works
  • A proven, transparent system which supports its agents with the latest in training and professional development,
  • Or you may have your own specific reasons for taking a new direction

Whatever your reasons are, you are most probably dissatisfied in some way with the speed at which you are growing in your career and with the lack of support and direction available to you in your current position. However, you can be assured that the team at Naked Edge is dedicated to providing you with the most effective tools, marketing methods and ongoing support and training available, because we are focussed upon your success. In fact, unlike many other real estate training organisations or franchises Naked Edge Real Estate is run by successful real estate business owners for successful career real estate agents who fit with our company values. Simply put, we see our role as being here to serve and work for you.

What are the benefits of joining Naked Edge?

1. You will truly be your own boss.
2. You will be working with a proven, successful system which ensures you can succeed in even in the toughest of markets
3. Earn up to 92% commission, with a cap on the maximum amount to the office and no desk fee.
4. Naked Edge offers our agents a generous profit share system
5. We have an excellent property management referral system where you retain your clients
6. You retain your database and it remains strictly your own and not the company’s
7. You’ll gain access to the world’s best professional development and industry training
8. You will be part of the biggest change in real estate history in Australia and New Zealand
9. Naked Edge employs the world’s best marketing practices that are designed to promote you, not the company
10. You’ll be part of Naked Edge’s unique Buddy System to help you through the tough times and to share in the celebration of the good times
11.You’ll benefit from our Naked Edge Back Up System if you are away, sick or if a family member is sick.
12. Receive a better fee structure for you and your clients
13. You’ll reap the rewards of your hard work but won’t have to assume any financial, legal or management responsibilities
14. You can choose to work individually or in teams to achieve your financial goals if you like- it’s up to you
15. We’ll provide you with the ability to grow your own business to whatever size you want. In fact we’ll help you to do so – you will only be limited by your imagination
16. The opportunity to run your own office for the right people

Are you giving away half of your hard earned commission to the office? Our business model is designed by agents for agents to succeed in real estate, not just for the office to succeed. Contact us to find out more.

Naked Edge Agents are Top Performers

Naked Edge Agents often make the REIWA Top 30 Monthly Awards. See our recent acheivements below…

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